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It's been almost a fkin' year since I left to study illustration! Damn! I did nothing really neat in one fucking year.

Now that I have finished the graphic design studies I will try to recover the habit of drawing and creating every day, mixing it all with graphic design when I can. For personal or professional purposes. 

I hope I'll submit more art this summer.
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Summer's here!

Illustration course is finished, it wasn't exactly what I expected, but I try to see the good part
In my workplace all goes smoothly (or so)
And I have so many projects for the next months, including the final project of the graphic design course and one game for android!

I hope I have so time to update my porfolio, now I have lots of new draws, and another "moleskine" full of shit haha
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I just realized that my last journal was.. about a year ago!
It's a little depressing..

I have been through a lot lately, and I had almost no free time so I ended doing nothing but work and more work.
My life has not changed much since the last journal, but everything has been moving slowly but surely in the direction I like.

Now I work as a graphic designer, and I'm studying Illustration.
Of course I want to work on some personal projects too, so hopefully I can make this live for some time more.
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And finally the course has ended.
This July I did a web design course, and now I'm working temporary on a small web design company. I discovered an exciting world!

And now I'm working hard with some of my personal projects (yay at last!)

The next course I'll be doing the final project of Graphic Design and I'll start Illustration!
It will be a lot of work, but I'm really excited!
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Only a month left in the art school!
I really have so much work!

This is the second year that I'm studying graphic design.
Next I'll do a super cool project, and then finish!!

But I want to continue studying, so I'll do another course, probably one of illustration.

Wish me luck!
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Heya people!
I hope you all are enjoying this Xmas so much with your family and friends. I am! xD
I know it's a little late about Xmas, but I was a little busy with the family and last school works.
I really needed this break!

So few days left of 2011, next is 2012 (last year ever?! xD), when a year starts so many ppl think of things they wanna do, yeah I know, it's like a bad and old joke, but I sopose it's hard to keep this kind of thoughts out of your mind.

Obviously I have my plans with the art school and so, but I wanna do so many other things too, like draw and read more and more, have some climbing and continue to study japanese on my own. The end of this 2012 can be pretty hard, but there is a lot of time yet, let's think about now!

Merry Xmas to all, and have a happy new year!
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I'm starting a personal work, I will submit pics of the process and final results as I work on it.
I want this to be a huuuge and long work. I'm so excited!

I have a few in mind, 1 done and 1 half done.
This is the list I have at the moment.

01 - Laie
02 - Anna
03 - Albe
04 - Kim
05 - Tamarita
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Oh, that was a clever one, huh?

*dish!* (get's punch in da face)

Hmmm, how was that? I'm featured by someone and I continue the game featuring ppl? Well, I'm not so good at this kind of games, thought I like them, and my explanations are shit, cuz my english sucks a lot, and I don't like copy - paste at all, and the main problem is I think no one really read my journal so this ends being more a personal blog than a place to share something.

Anyways, here it comes, Free features for the first 10 to comment:

1. :iconrin-uzuki: saw the game in his journal, and she featured me, so, let's continue this, ya? What to say about her? Good lines, good colours, and the most important thing; a really crazy sense of humor. I love every doodle and gag she makes, take a look at her gallery and you won't regret it! xD She's a pro in the comision world, maybe even too much for my taste!









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ahhh I'm so tired... ahh, this work sucks.. I wanna draw...

mmm hh ahhhh, I'm dying... I need... a coke... huh.. "dies"
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Ahhh, school finished, and I'm really happy with all I learned this year!
While waiting for the next year, let's draw and read more and more. I need to improve a looot yet!

Summer summer!
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Woooooo yeah!

In my city there is something called "Display" (it's a cool name because all in english is cool in my country xD).
Display is a organization that puts 5 panels in the street, choose artists and let them put their art in the street, legal way, and pays them!

One of the 5 panels will be done by someone of my school, so I tried.
It's a all year event, but now is my turn, this week!

So I'm finally doing it! Weeks thinking the idea and design, hard work and so few time to do it, only one week.
Next Monday my work will be erased, cry! But I will submit the art (3 panels) as soon as I can.
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Finally I have time! I usually have time, so now that I don't have any, I'm stressed haha!

Soooo, let's upload old shit.

Part 1: Anatomia
Part 2: Archangels
Part 3: Vampiro
Part 4: Samurai

Part 5: Random

Sorry for the quality, is really bad, but thats how I draw, bad and unclean, and sometimes so soft that I need to use levels in ps and destroy the original one.

Not much more to say, I'm not so happy right now, but the school go well, so I can't complain, I'm learning a lot, and I sopose that's ok for now.
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2010 is finishing, it was a shit year, and now 2011 comes, probably a even worst year, but that doesn't mind me at all.

I go my way, step by step, advancing in the art school, improving every day (not in my shitty english xD), in general with a clear goal.

Good year to all!


Se acaba el 2010, ha sido un año de mierda, y ahora viene el 2011, probablemente un año aun peor, pero no me preocupa en absoluto.

Yo voy a lo mio pasito a pasito, avanzando en la escuela de arte, mejorando cada dia, y en general con una meta clara.

Buen año a todos!
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Ya he empezado el curso en la escuela de arte, la cosa pinta muy, pero que muy bien, ademas Moche y Alejo, los masters del universo, me han regalado una tableta digital!!!!

Sencillamente increible..


I have already started the course at art school, the things looks very, very well, furthermore Moche and Alejo, "the masters of the universe", they given me a digital tablet!!!!

Simply amazing..
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Empieza lo bueno!

El curso que viene empezare en la escuela de arte, tengo que ponerme al dia en el photoshop, iniciarme en el ilustrator, y quien sabe, con un poco de suerte caera una tableta grafica. Tengo una vista que me hace tilin! xD

Ademas tengo pc nuevo, un pepinon capaz de lo mejorcito, asi que ya no hay excusas, me voy a poner las pilas si o si.

Y para acabar de arreglarlo tengo scaner, al fin! Asi que a partir de ahora ire poniendo mas cosillas. Espero que os gusten!

Mata ne!
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Bueno, finalmente he tenido una idea para el concurso de DA sobre el bien y el mal, no esta muy elaborado pero algo es algo dijo un calvo acariciando su unico pelo.

Basicamente he comparado las teorias del Big Crunch y el Big Rip, una aboga por un universo ciclico, de expansion y retraccion, debido a la gravedad, el otro usando unos estudios k demuestran k la Energia Osucra y Materia Osucra hacen k el universo acelere su expansion afirman k este esta condenado a expandirse casi eternamente, hasta k toda energia se haya consumido, y los atomos pieran su composicion y se destruyan, haciendo un universo uniforme.

Que es mejor pues, un universo condenado a la muerte, y a su resurrecion? O uno de estancamiento y perfeccion dentro del vacio?

pd: como comprendereis no traducire esto al ingles, kiero mantener mi cordura.
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Y aki va mi primera aportacion a Deviant Art, el comic de 4 paginas Yellow Vespa.

Si sabeis castellano, os hara gracia ( espero ).

Este comic esta dedicado a los cerveceros!
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